Death, where is thy sting?

It’s been a crap two days. On Tuesday, JB lost his aunty to cancer and I spent all night and yesterday comforting him and trying to cheer him up. Till I got the rug pulled from underneath me; my friend’s mum passed yesterday after fighting breast cancer.

It’s funny cause I barely know her; it’s her daughter I know well. One of the most amazing young women I fucks with cause girls are trippy these days but not M. She’s beautiful inside and out the first time I met her mum, I understood why M is so amazing. She’s a mini version of her momma. From the few minutes spent in Aunty Mimi’s presence, you knew she was a strong woman. A woman who held her family up. A warrior, a survivor, a woman that conquers.

I broke down yesterday when we heard of her passing. I was already down cause of how sad my boo was over his aunty, it just shattered me. I cried till I got a headache and passed out from exhaustion. When I woke up, it was still true. She was really gone. Leaving us all behind to carry on without her. Leaving M, her brother and her father to get on without her. Crazy! Just like that?!

Yes, just like that. That’s life and death. Fickle. Thin line between the two. Why then do we take life for granted so much? Why do we forget that it won’t last forever, that we won’t all be here forever? We really shouldn’t take a single second of any day for granted.

Life is beautiful. Life is cold. Life is funny. Life is underrated. Appreciate life. Acknowledge you are not on earth to pass time. Know your goal(s), know your purpose. I know my purpose and I am also well aware of my shortcomings. I fall but I continue to get up time and time again. Someday, I won’t fall again. I’ll stand firm till I soar just like Aunty.

Something a friend of ours said stuck with me. “Now we have an angel we know, watching over us”. I already have quite a few angels I know watching over. I know she did her thing here on earth and is now resting with God and thus I can boldly say “death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory???”

The grave did not win this one. Cancer did not beat her. She fought and she won.

Rest in Peace Aunty Mimi.

Rest in Peace Aunty Tina.

Watch over your babies here on earth as we achieve our purpose and join you guys soon ❤

#Pricelessbond. We love you


Aunt T



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