Red and Fabulous

I’ve been natural for the past two years and counting and even though it’s not easy work maintaining properly coarse and difficult natural hair, it’s been a rewarding journey and I am learning more and more how to handle it and WORK IT!

In the last three months, I have texturized my hair twice as well as dyed twice (3 month interval between both times). Texturizing makes the hair less difficult without perming it totally although my last time texturizing, I let the texturizer stay on too long and my hair went really straight and soft like permed hair. Took my getting caught in the rain to frizz out my hair and wake up the sleeping natural curls.

The first three pictures are my hair while wet. I love how the curls form and how extra red it looks when wet. The two before the last picture are my hair in a bun. Buns are a fave of mine and I’m excited my hair is now long enough to be put up in one. Last but not the least, is my beyootiful twin and baby sister, Bee. Her hair is wet in the photo and like my hair, the curls look amazing when the hair is wet. Her color also comes out more cause she used more dye than I did and I love how fierce her hair looks.

For anyone natural or anyone thinking of going natural, I’m not a pro in natural hair handling. It takes patience and in time, your hair will co-operate with you 🙂 xxx


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