Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year folks! We made it to 2013 🙂 The Mayans must feel pretty stupid LOL.

I entered the new year in church with J and the way I felt at 12am on January 1st 2013… Well I feel it in my heart that the year is going to be an amazing one. It’s going to be a year of WISDOM, RESTORATION, LOVE, PEACE, JOY and BIG ACHIEVEMENTS.

This year, I’mma fuck “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. I’m keeping my family closest, friends close and my enemies can stay as far away from me as possible. Them niggas don’t even need to breathe around me this year! Lool.

This year, I’m going to embrace the woman that I am and stay around people and do shit that will help that woman blossom even more. 2012 was the year of rock bottom for me. I did a lot of stupid and disgusting things and I learned my lesson WELL. This year, when the devil hollers, I’m calling the angelic task force from heaven on his shady arse! LOL.

Now jokes aside, life is short and time isn’t waiting for anyone! I mean we are almost through two weeks of the new year!
Be good to people that truly care about you. Don’t hurt them on purpose and when you do hurt them mistakenly, come out. Own up and apologize. No one is perfect so don’t be so afraid of not being perfect for anyone. That’s been my greatest issue till now. I’m always too scared to let those I care about down and in that fear, I do more to hurt them! Twisted logic innit.

WORK HARD. If you are like me who is tryna get mega rich in the next few years, there is really no time to be fooling around. Everyday, do something towards the future you want. You won’t regret it in a few years when you buy that first ride or crib!

Last but certainly not the least, stay CLOSE TO GOD. If you aren’t already, then get close now! Times are cray and we need God’s protection and grace over us if not, we will surely fall. I was so far from the Lord last year and MY! The falling was deep! Major tripping. Let’s turn around this year.

Forgive them that hurt you cause until you do, they have power over you.

In 2013, be the very best you can be!!!

Wishing you all a happy and fabulous new year with blessings running over! Xxx