Not a Victim

In life, it’s so easy to let things kick you to the ground. Picture life as a big bully who’ll have you lying face down in the sand with a big nasty foot on your face, yelling at you to accept defeat. Sad thing is most of us do accept defeat.

I’ve always hated to be the victim. I hate people feeling sorry for me and I really do hate feeling down in the dumps. I’m normally a happy and extremely upbeat person, so much that when I am down, it greatly affects those around me which I also really hate!

In my last post, I basically stated that I’m not very happy right now. That’s allowed cause life can’t always be rosy but as humans beings, we tend to let the difficulties of life kill our spirits as I have done the past week.

It’s bullshit being a victim. When people/ life hit you, it’s a much better plan to stand and fight. Don’t let temporary feelings and situations permanently steal your joy.

We all need to learn to brush the dust off our shoulders and let go of the victim mentality. That’s really the only way to get better and move ahead when shit go down!


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