Good Friday?

It doesn’t feel like Good Friday. Infact so far, it has been a sucky Friday.

My fam bam are in the funkiest of moods; so funky I was actually glad to leave for work.

I’m waiting on a package that should have been here days ago and I’m freaking out now cause I still haven’t gotten it and I am imagining the worst.

I’m B-R-O-K-E. Like if some next person asks me how I’m celebrating the holiday, I may spazz on the unsuspecting fellow.

I’m at work. That is all.

Today makes it 2 months since Mimi died. My heart aches over it constantly.

Today is also M’s mama’s first birthday since she died. Sad much. Can’t even imagine how M feels.

I know today marks the day Jesus died and Easter is a time for us to think and reflect on the amazing thing God did for us all those many years ago but I’M SO SAD. So so sad.

Anyone out there who can, say a prayer for me. I need it x


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