One of those days (Moments)

I have a hard time sleeping through the night and this morning, I was up from about past 2 to about 6. At 7:55am, a phone call wakes me up and it’s a colleague from work who I hitch a ride with occasionally. “Good morning Tara. We are almost there. Get ready”. OMG moment.

I had the quickest bath and got dressed at a ridiculous pace; called my colleague and he was still 20 mins away. RME moment.

Decided I had enough time to chill so I indulge myself. Just before I’m really getting into gear with the chilling, my colleague calls again. He’s 2 mins away now. Panic. Decide to grab my shit and jet out the door.

At the gate, colleague calls again. “You’ll see me soon” I’m yelling as I run towards the main road. My slipper cuts. Bloody great moment.

Sitting in the car pissed at my slipper situash but grateful there’s a cobbler that stays right outside the office gate and pleased that I still get a free ride to work. Life’s not so bad moment.

On my way to work, I realize I forgot my work documents and weekly planner at home. OH MYYY DAYSSSS moment.

I get to work, buy my breakfast, check on the cobbler but he wasn’t there yet, work on some stuff and make a few calls before settling into the boredom of life. Then pops up F who provides some entertainment and the cobbler shows up and I get my slipper fixed. ‘These niggas can’t hold me back’ moment 😀

F leaves me to attend a meeting and as I head back to relax at my desk and listen to music, I spot a rip in my dress -_- ‘Are you kidding me???’ moment.

I decide the rip isn’t so terrible and I strut to my desk, put on my headphones and start to write this post. Fuckitol moment B-)

Keep thy heads above the water… always



For The Fellas: Rapper Diamond Puts Her Struggle On Hold To Appear In New Black Men’s Magazine [Pics]

LOOOL. It’s just the title of the post that killed me. “… puts her struggle on hold…”. Whooo Master Jesus.


We’re surprised she had time for this photoshoot being that her schedule is so fake busy…

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