One of those days (Moments)

I have a hard time sleeping through the night and this morning, I was up from about past 2 to about 6. At 7:55am, a phone call wakes me up and it’s a colleague from work who I hitch a ride with occasionally. “Good morning Tara. We are almost there. Get ready”. OMG moment.

I had the quickest bath and got dressed at a ridiculous pace; called my colleague and he was still 20 mins away. RME moment.

Decided I had enough time to chill so I indulge myself. Just before I’m really getting into gear with the chilling, my colleague calls again. He’s 2 mins away now. Panic. Decide to grab my shit and jet out the door.

At the gate, colleague calls again. “You’ll see me soon” I’m yelling as I run towards the main road. My slipper cuts. Bloody great moment.

Sitting in the car pissed at my slipper situash but grateful there’s a cobbler that stays right outside the office gate and pleased that I still get a free ride to work. Life’s not so bad moment.

On my way to work, I realize I forgot my work documents and weekly planner at home. OH MYYY DAYSSSS moment.

I get to work, buy my breakfast, check on the cobbler but he wasn’t there yet, work on some stuff and make a few calls before settling into the boredom of life. Then pops up F who provides some entertainment and the cobbler shows up and I get my slipper fixed. ‘These niggas can’t hold me back’ moment 😀

F leaves me to attend a meeting and as I head back to relax at my desk and listen to music, I spot a rip in my dress -_- ‘Are you kidding me???’ moment.

I decide the rip isn’t so terrible and I strut to my desk, put on my headphones and start to write this post. Fuckitol moment B-)

Keep thy heads above the water… always



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