DM- The One For Me

Few posts back, I told y’all that I am now a video vixen lol 😀

I had to watch each shot of me and grade myself before I had the courage to share lool.

Hope you enjoy and BE NICE!!!



Summer Time Fine (Salon Day Terror)

Yesterday was the first day of summer (beginning of the summer soltice for those who remember that from Geography in high school) and also the longest day of the year.

For me, Thursday (June 20th) was pretty long as well cause that was Salon Day. Salon Day is whatever day I get my hair done and sometimes, nails too.

On Thursday I had my hair washed, hooked up a righteous weave (hallelujah!) and got a pedi too. All so blissful when you take away
i) the water that escaped my hair and got to my face while my hair was being washed
ii) the century I stayed under the dryer waiting for my hair to dry
iii) the tightness of the tracks for my weave, and
iv) the boo boo on my toe from pedi lady’s over-zealousness with her cuticle remover.

See why Thursday was long? “Beauty is pain” surely applies where Salon Day is concerned and after all the pain I endured that day, I’m sooo pleased to be summer time fine now.

I haven’t taken any cute selfies in a WHILE. Look at me now! ^_^

Then some feet-selfies just cause :p

Green 🙂 Bright colours rock for summer


Seven Foods That Fight Inflammation and Belly Fat – Dummies

Summer’s here and everyone’s tryna look fabulous. Truthfully, I’m more than happy to get fat this summer (tryna add some junk in the trunk) but I don’t want a fat belly which unfortunately I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

The links below highlights foods/ nutrients you can get down with if you are tryna lose some belly fat like me.

You’re welcome!


The Ghanaian Entertainment Struggz

I did an ad for an agency a few weeks ago and I was told I would be paid GHc 400 for it. Not only did it take FOREVER for me to actually get the money, the lady who contacted me for the ad (same one who told me I’d be paid 400) gives me the money and chooses that moment to announce what she called “agency fee” which happened to be a whopping 100 cedis.

What I’m wondering now is why she didn’t just say that from the BEGINNING and basically put it on the table that what I’m REALLY getting paid is 300! Or 250 when you take out the 50 cedis I spent getting my hair done and on transportation to and from the venue of the agency the day of the shoot.

This takes me back to about two weeks ago when I starred in a music video as the artist’s boo thang. Them niggas had me on set from past 6 in the morning to almost 12 noon. It rained that morning during the shoot and the DOP decided the rain was a nice touch and so I had to keep smiling, dancing and looking in love in the rain… wearing crazy heels. Have in mind that Bee left Accra to go on tour that same morning and I had to miss saying goodbye to her cause of this shoot YET I was paid shy of $100 for all that effort.

Mind you, with these two shoots, there was no wardrobe/ costumes and I brought what I wore on set from my personal wardrobe.

Down here, those starting out in entertainment sure take a lot of shit!

P.s when I watch the video and ascertain that I don’t look ridiculous and fat, then I will share a link to it.