Satisfaction Please?

Human beings complain too much. We’re always whining about something and that’s the truth. Have you ever been truly and totally satisfied? Maybe when you were 8 and didn’t know the emoshness of life.

I always feel like I’m missing something. I always need to lose some weight, get a particular gadget, be with a certain someone, have a cocktail and a day at the spa… I’m always wanting.

At the moment, I really want money. Shit loads of it like Beyonce. I also want to entertain and do nothing else. Maybe own some companies but nothing boring. I’m SICK of school, jobs, and the ordinary. Life is hard enough.

Luckily for me, I mostly get what I want. Grace? I believe so. So I am hopeful. My head maybe in the clouds, but it’s much nicer up there anyway.

“What you think, you become”- Someone wise.



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