Wedding Fever

Being a romantic and a “love Love” type of girl, I’ve always dreamt of my wedding day. Being a crazy person, I’ve almost fully planned it. Mind you, I am not even engaged. Anyway…

I don’t have a specific venue yet but I know I want a Vera Wang dress that isn’t white, cream or ivory. Too cliche.

I’ve picked out songs for when I’m walking down the aisle with my dad, first dance with my hubby, and my dance with my father. Actually, I recently saw this super cute video on Facebook (I’ll post the link at the end) of a bride and her father doing a cool dance routine at her reception so if my dad is up for it, I would love to do that too.

I’ve thought of food, color co-ordinations, my bridal train and the cake.
I have some makeup artists I’m looking at and wedding headpieces I’m considering for the big day ’cause a veil might make me hot and bothered.

As you can see, I have severe wedding fever but I’d been doing a great job keeping calm and ignoring the madness in my head. Till 2013.

Am I the only one who has had a bunch of friends getting engaged or married this year? It’s like I missed a memo or something! A couple of girls I went to college with have tied the knot this year. One of my girls got married and another got engaged. My male friends are walking down the aisle as well. It’s crazy!!! And it’s made my wedding fever worse.

So here’s to a few more years of wedding thirst, craziness and obsessive planning till I finally get ready to walk down the aisle.

P.s I’m doing much better than my sister. She’s got wedding cancer. She had a dream last night that she was about to get married but it got postponed to the weekend after 😂


Link to cute daddy/ daughter video. Enjoy!