I totally agree with this author on social media becoming a BIG problem. Social media can and is a good thing but as with most good things, we have abused it to the point where it can now be equated to mean social evil. For me, Twitter and Instagram are some of the worst. It is really pathetic how far some will go for a “like” or “retweet”. SMH.

Luminosity Opulence Serenity (L.O.S) Beauty


About six months ago a photo of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber puffing a marijuana joint was released online on twitter and all hell was let loose.
There were the typical genuine AND hypocritical cries of “shock” and “dismay” over the young man’s behaviour because he was and still is a “role model” to the some kids (which in my opinion says a lot about the parents of those kids). Then there were other seriously sick reactions; A group of morbidly disturbed twitter users started a mock campaign titled “Cut for Bieber” where they encouraged “Bieliebers” (a moniker for fans of the pop star) to cut themselves in protest of Justin’s smoking in order to get him to stop. The trend started and unsurprisingly grew legs and wings and took a whole new turn.
#cut4bieber became the top US trend for a while on twitter. There were scores of pictures (both…

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