A (Really) Short Story

Yesterday during a seminar presentation at my department, one of the department lecturers asked us to write a story in ten sentences with ten minutes. I ended up quite liking mine as it reminded me that I CAN WRITE. Grad school had me doubting and forgetting that for a minute there! So here is my story, not titled yet, and probably something I will develop on in the future.

She didn’t know why she still loved him. Everything he had done since the abortion showed he never really cared for her. As she walked around their apartment, she laughed. It was not a happy laugh. It was the kind of laugh people laugh when they are bitter, and she was bitter. She had been a fool for love, a love that existed only in her mind. She confirmed he didn’t love her when she saw the look of terror in his eyes as she suggested they keep their baby and get married. She was very sure their love was a lie when he didn’t show up to be with her at the clinic. He had lied to her from day one. So although she loved him, she was happy she killed him.

I want to sign out with something clever but I have to get back to freaking out over classics (music) on Youtube.



Long Time No Write

It has been a LONG time I posted anything on here and that has been for one simple reason; I cannot write! Now if I weren’t a PLAYWRITING MAJOR in Grad school, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world but unfortunately, I am. Right now, I should be working on both a play and a thesis so imagine how much I have been freaking out.

My play is basically due this April while my complete thesis ought to be submitted in July. The pressure to produce work I would be proud of is there but unfortunately, that pressure hasn’t been helpful in getting me to just sit down and write.

Even songwriting is stress at the moment too. I haven’t been able to sit down and write something good in a while. Maybe I am over thinking it, I don’t know. So I have been reading and reading a lot with the hope that the more I read, the block or whatever where my writing is concerned will thaw out and the words will come running to me.

Another thing I have been trying to do is write anyway. Even if it is stupid or pointless. I just write. This was advice from my boyfriend. Can’t remember exactly how he put it but I think the main point was writing whatever it is I can write would somehow free me up and the good stuff will come out soon enough. Hope he is right!

I will try to write more often from now on. And hopefully whatever I write won’t be this boring. My sincerest apologies to anyone who reads this hoping for something good lol