Let’s Go Deeper

Omg whoever made this meme or whatever, God bless you!

I can’t stand small talk. It is a big issue for me. Yesterday I was chatting with some one and he asked me how Abuja’s weather is 😞 I’m trying to be a nicer human being so I didn’t refer him to Google though I really wanted to. Or the other day, a complete stranger who happens to be a Facebook friend asked me where I live and when I asked why he wanted to know (this private information about me that I wouldn’t just share with anyone), he said he is trying to get to know me better lol.

Maybe I’m too extra about this but asking me where I live isn’t how to get to know me better and asking about the weather in my city is not going to get me going if you’re trying to make conversation. Let’s not talk about the weather, what I had for breakfast and definitely not the oh-so-common “what are you up to now”. Instead let’s talk about our goals and dreams. About spirituality and love. About growing up and getting to know ourselves better. We could even discuss politics or current affairs. Tell me a good joke, your thoughts on how the world can become a better place and what you love about your favorite artists. These are topics that give you a window into a person’s soul.

I’d rather we don’t waste each other’s time asking shallow questions and discussing mundane topics. Life is TOO short for that.



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