My Weekly Photo Prompt: A Gorgeous dog and popping red lips 

In the bid to get some writing done more often than not, I have decided to do weekly photo prompts where I’m simply going to choose any of the numerous photos on my phone and write as the spirit leads. This is also a good way to save my photos I figure so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

I absolutely love today’s picture. What really does it for me is the dog. The dog is so beautiful and it almost looks regal or maybe that’s just me.

I love the simple beauty of the shot. Their piercing eyes and the red lips (any beauty gurus who can tell what lipstick brand/ color will help me get this look? Do share please!) are divine. Then how she holds the dog and the dog’s “unlooking” swag lol 😍 Awesome.

It’s a great picture. It makes me want to take up photography seriously. It also makes me wish I had a dog again. And the red lips 👌



Music Review: Serwa Akoto by YOM (Writer Poet)

This beautiful song is one of the projects I am most proud to have been a part of. Making timeless music is one of the reasons I believe I am here and this song is just that!

It was composed and recorded while I was in Accra last year and it addresses the epidemic of skin bleaching in our communities. Africans are blessed with beautiful dark skin but unfortunately some of us hate the color of our skin and use all sorts of skin products to be lighter in complexion. But just like Rapsody rapped on Kendrick Lamar’s song “Complexion”,

Black as brown, hazelnut, cinnamon, black tea
And it’s all beautiful to me

Call your brothers magnificent, call all the sisters queens
We all on the same team, blues and pirus, no colors ain’t a thing


I think too much attention is paid to complexion. What makes a person truly beautiful isn’t how light or dark their skin is and it sucks that people have used that as a yardstick to measure beauty for so damn long. I am very glad to be lending a voice on the issue and it is my hope that someone out there would listen to this song and decide to be comfortable in his or her God-given skin no matter what shade of brown it is.

(Please) Be sure to download/ stream and knowing what you think after hearing it would be awesome. Constructive criticism is also welcome. You can find the song on my Soundcloud or just Google “Yom ft. TarandBella Serwa Akoto”.

Happy listening!



Yom tackles the issue of skin bleaching on his latest poem Serwa Akoto

The name Serwa Akoto has somehow become synonymous to beauty thanks to the classic hit song Serwaa Akoto by the Yamoah International Band released in the 1970s. The name, based off the song title and lyrics, celebrated the beauty of Serwa Akoto. (Note: Serwa Akoto was a real individual resident at Dansoman, Akoko Foto).

The latest act to reference the name is Yom The Poet. His celebration of beauty carries a twist. YOM tackles the subject of how today’s generation perceive beauty: the adoration of light skin and the culture of skin bleaching (or is it toning). Through the character called Serwa Akoto, the ‘African Geisha’, Yom shares his views on this trend; exploring reasons behind it.

Featuring singers Tara and Bella, whose ballads and background harmonies are as ornate as Yom’s words, the two describe…

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Summer Time Fine (Salon Day Terror)

Yesterday was the first day of summer (beginning of the summer soltice for those who remember that from Geography in high school) and also the longest day of the year.

For me, Thursday (June 20th) was pretty long as well cause that was Salon Day. Salon Day is whatever day I get my hair done and sometimes, nails too.

On Thursday I had my hair washed, hooked up a righteous weave (hallelujah!) and got a pedi too. All so blissful when you take away
i) the water that escaped my hair and got to my face while my hair was being washed
ii) the century I stayed under the dryer waiting for my hair to dry
iii) the tightness of the tracks for my weave, and
iv) the boo boo on my toe from pedi lady’s over-zealousness with her cuticle remover.

See why Thursday was long? “Beauty is pain” surely applies where Salon Day is concerned and after all the pain I endured that day, I’m sooo pleased to be summer time fine now.

I haven’t taken any cute selfies in a WHILE. Look at me now! ^_^

Then some feet-selfies just cause :p

Green 🙂 Bright colours rock for summer