I’m an Artist and that is my JOB!!!

Just had a heated and emotional discussion with my mum that opened my eyes and my mind to a few things.

As an artist, I am quite emotional so it drives me insane when people assume that because I am not employed in some office or bank, then I’m not working. Some even go as far as saying “why don’t you get a real job?”

A real job??? Music is MY real job! Writing songs is work! Going to the studio and spending hours to lay down vocals that sound awesome is work! Performing on stage? You already know, more work. Practicing, listening to music to improve your ear and writing skills, networking…these are things I do on the daily and they are part of my job as an artist. Fine I may not be rolling in the dough YET, but I am happy, got my peace of mind and I feel fulfilled. That is success. Success isn’t having all the wealth or being ahead of other people. Success is fulfilling your purpose and every time I share my voice and my music with people, I feel fulfilled. I feel like I’m doing what I was made to do (same with writing). 

Would I like to make more money? Duh. Is money everything? Hell no. Is God providing everything I need to live and achieve my dreams? Yes! So I step out in confidence everyday knowing I have what it takes to get to the top in my chosen career and trusting that the God I serve will get me there.

And now back to the things I said my eyes were opened to from my discussion with my mum;
1. Understanding is everything. Because people are different, something that is so plain to you will not be to another person. You make life easier for yourself when you try to understand where others are coming from and in turn, help them understand you.

2. Doubt and fear are normal but do what you need to do anyway.

3. You may be making the most logical point but the moment you let emotions take over, you will likely lose the case because people see emotional outbursts as manipulation. When you are trying to get a point across to someone (especially a pragmatist), you are better off keeping your emotions in check.

4. Just because someone sees the world differently from how you do doesn’t always mean they won’t support you.

And that’s it! Hope this post helps someone out there to stay focused on their dreams, be tolerant and understanding of the people in their life who don’t get it and remember that success is all about fulfilling your purpose.

P.s If you read this Mama, I love you and I’m grateful for you 😘❤️


Do You Boo boo, I’d Rather Do God!

This post is inspired by today’s reading in Everyday with Jesus, a lovely daily devotional that in my opinion, explores and breaks down matters of God and the bible like no other. Today’s reading is called “Treasured Possession” and the bible reading is taken from Exodus 19: 1-4. The emphasis of the reading however, is from verse 4 which says “… I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself”.

The reading goes on to discuss the verse and the problem the world faces today with obeying God. Don’t wanna go in and preach, just wanna share so here are statements (rephrased by me) from the reading that stuck with me and I think people need to know.

1. The same God that commands us is the same God that carries us but we only want to be carried and not commanded. 

2. Obedience has become a swear word. A wave of anti-authority feeling is sweeping over the world.

3. Contemporary culture has taught us to believe that the self is autonomous and answerable to no one. This is WRONG. We are answerable to God.

4. People are more self-centered than other-centered. God-consciousness and neighbor-awareness are now things of the past. It’s all about “me”.

5. It is hard for the present generation to see that willing obedience to the commands of God is the pathway to fulfillment and human wholeness but then again, the truth is a tough pill to swallow.

6. “I think, therefore I am” has been updated to “I feel, therefore I am”. This is the wrong mentality. Abraham Heschel, a Jewish scholar said the right attitude to life should be “I am commanded, therefore I am”.

7. The secret to effective living is living in obedience to the commands of God.

8. Contrary to popular belief, God’s commands bring release- they free us to be the people He intended us to be.

9. Freedom is found in servitude to God. The more we obey God’s commands the freer we shall be. 

Don’t know about y’all but this touched me! I’ve been at the place where I wanted to question God’s authority and I would say to myself, “this is who I am. I can’t change this behavior. God should understand” but in reality, it’s a load of crap. We didn’t create ourselves nor did we create the world and it is stupid to go through life “doing you”. God who made you and loves you infinitely has a plan for you and you will only tap into it when you do WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO.

To wrap up, when you feel that you can’t do what God wants you to do which is a very common feeling, remember the saying “Mind over matter” and never forget that God who commands you, carries you; He gives us the power to obey His commands. 

Peace and love!